New promotion to 6th degree in Kajukenbo style/Chinese Kenpo

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We look forward to promoting Mehdi Hakik from 5th degree to 6th degree black
belt in Kajukenbo style/Chinese Kenpo. Because I am a representative of the
Ordonez Kajukenbo Organization, I can promote him to a Kajukenbo Ranking.
As a student of mine his certificate will have Kam’s Kenpo on it, bestowing
a little bit of a Chinese Kenpo on him. His test is to do a Katana Form
which is a Black Belt form at the Tournament. It will be a great ceremony.
By the way, don’t forget to register this month for the tournament! 

Grand Master Kam – 1st Annual Open Martial Arts Tournament

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We are so excited to announce this 1st annual open tournament for our friends throughout the Southwest. We are expecting a larger turnout of some of the most movitated martial artists on Saturday, October 22nd at Highland High School in Gilbert. We are expecting visits from many special guests including:

  • Jason Groff, Grandmaster 9th degree Ordonez Kajukeno Organization, Hawaii
  • Soke Kidd Jason, Chief Master Instructor 7th Dan, Los Angeles, CA
  • Special Belt Promotion for an upcoming martial artist.

Join us to help celebrate a great resurgence in the popularity of martial arts in Arizona.

Apply to participate here

Martial Artists and Fighters Wall of Fame

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Just got together with some leaders in the martial arts community in Arizona. You may recognize a few of us!

Kenpo for Life

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When I first studied martial arts on my native land of Hawaii with Great Grand Master Chow, I had no idea that this art form would become a central part of my life. Over the years I had dedicated myself to improving and helping others come to a greater understanding through the study of Kenpo Karate.

Contact me and together let’s build the Kenpo community in Arizona and beyond.


Vernon Kam
Grand Master